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Kutlehar  Public School started her journey on 1st April, 2008 under the banner of Kutlehar Shiksha & Smaj Kalyan Samiti. In was the visionary zeal of the founder ShriYog Raj Bhardwaj who navigated through turbulence and turmoil and succeeded in giving the right direction to the school to reach the destination amidst all ups and downs.


Our 9th  Years of Glorious Journey

Kutlehar  Public School started her journey on 1st April, 2008  under the banner of KutleharShiksha&SmajKalyansamiti. The first step was taken by the school with 50 students, supported by 8th teaching staff. The beginning, no doubt was a humble one and eyes become moist reminiscing those nostalgic moments. It was the visionary zeal of the founder ShriYog Raj Bhardwaj who navigated through turbulence and turmoil and succeeded in giving the right direction to the school to reach the destination amidst all ups and downs. 

The elite society and the ignited minds showered their blessings and the school gradually acquired the strength to make the ground strong under her feet. It was the combined effort of the founder of the school and his strong, efficient team that could earn a place of repute and fame for her.

Value Education

Stress is being laid on value education to inculcate moral values, ethics and Indian culture among the students. It is developed through singing National song, reciting Shlokas, narrating religious stories and celebrating the birth anniversaries of saints, scholars and great leaders. 

 National Integrity

The school encourages harmony and peace by giving equal importance and showing equal respect to all religions. Discrimination on the basis of caste creed, colour, religion are discouraged creating an atmosphere of unity, integrity and brotherhood.

 Preparing global citizens

The school prepares the students as Global Citizens of future with scientific approach and quest for knowledge. Overcoming the narrow boundaries of fear, superstitions and dogmas, our students grow and develop with free spirit, broader vision and enlightened mind.



Director Message

Directors Message

 In the School teach him That all men are not just, all men are not true But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero;that for every selfish Politician, there is a dedicated leader . And for every enemy there is a friend, It is far honourable to fail, than to cheat.....
Teach him to close his ears, to a howling mob and to stand and fight, if he thinks he's right.

These are the few lines picked up from the letter of Abraham Lincon to his son's teacher. It was not only the message to the teacher or his student but also to the parents regarding moral ethics and values to be generated among their kids. 

Teachers are supposed to be role models. A student spends his 25000 hours upto 12 standard in the school campus. The life of a student is more influenced by school teachers. Therefore the society needs such teachers, who have ability to teach, love teaching and build moral qualities. In turn society must always respect these teachers and make them to feel that their devotion to students is always appreciated.

In ancient days Gurukul was the place where students attained knowledge by residing with his teacher. Life at Gurukul was not easy but rigorous. Students had to follow without argument but at the end of training, they emerged not only responsible individuals but gained enormous knowledge. Transmission was mostly oral and students imbibed their teacher's characteristics. Students were devoted to their preceptors. Parents had nothing to interfere with the system of Gurukul.
It was Gurukul system only where pupil Aruni remained lying as the ridge to stop the water current which could sweep away the soil . His body became stiff but he neither moved his body a little nor took a turn but obeyed his teacher. Ekalavya's devotion to his preceptor reflects the high degree values of Gurukul, who without any regret and hesitation cut the thumb of right hand and presented to his respected teacher.

The present system came in to existence with the advent of British education by gaining a degree rather than knowledge. Due to commercialisation there has been great decline in our great heritage of value based educational system. Schools became information centres. Wisdom is conspicuously missing from the education.

 Parents and students have been contractual and teachers have been money paid employees. Obviously values have been put under the carpet of modern educational system. In fact teachers have to be dreamers, streamers, helpers, healers, mentors, role models, nurturers and inspirers. Teaching has been now the most important challenging and dynamic profession. Schools across the country are being called on to do more with less. Expectations are high but constraints are more. It has been now the task for teachers to inculcate value based education amongst school children. There is a great need of deliberate efforts to imbibe values like courage, teamwork, environmental values for global society. It is a great task and teachers have to be the tough task masters.

Y.R. Bhardwaj


Notice Board

  • Parents Teachers meet 2020

    We are pleased to inform you that the General house body meeting of the parent-Teacher association will be held on the Sunday dated 26th January 2020. at 11:00 Am To 2:00 PM. As you all are aware that we have to form the executive Body of Parent-Teacher Association for the Academic year 2020 -21. Parents are requested to Attend the meeting in time to make it convenient. Thank You.

  • 18.01.2020 (Most Urgent)

    Note:- Respected parents please update Aadhaar No. of your wards immediately. its most urgent. Order by Deputy Director of Higher Education Una.

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  • Holiday Note 23.12.2019

    ***********Happy Holidays *********** Note:- School will be closed w.e.f .25th December 2019 to 5th January 2020.and reopen will be on 6thJanuary 2020. Thanks. ****** Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2020 To All Of You*******

  • Date Sheet FA III Dated 03.12.2019.

    Date Sheet FA III & 2nd Term Class 1st to 10th

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    Note:- School will be closed due to Diwali Holidays w.e.f. 25th October 2019 to 29th October 2019.and reopen will be on 30th October 2019. Thanks. **Wish You Happy Diwali to All of You**

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  • PTM Note:- Dated 31.08.2019

    NOTE:- Parents - teacher meeting will be held on the Sunday dated 01.09.2019.at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Parents are requested to make it convenient to discuss the progress of their wards on that day only. Thank You.

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    Holidays from: 26th June 2019 to 31st July 2019 and School will be reopen on 1st August 2019. {Time:- 9:00AM to 3:00PM}

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    Office Order by the Deputy Commissioner Una: Note:- School time has been changed by the DC due to very hot weather w.e.f. 28th May 2019 to 30th June 2019 at 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Thanks.

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  • Note:- Dated 30.04.2019

    Note:- Tomorrow your child will be given tablet of Albendazole. If You have any query Please Contact Class In Charge.

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  • Date Sheet (23.09.2019)

    Note :-SA-1 Exam Start Class 1st to 8th dated 28.09.2019 to 10.10.2019. Please check the academics module for detail.

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    9.08.2019 :-Exam Start FA-II dated13.08.2019 to 23.08.2019. Please check the academics module for detail.

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    20.05.2019 :-Exam Start FA-1 dated 24.05.2019 to 03.06.2019. Please check the academics module for detail.